Rewriting your Painful Relationship Patterns into Powerful Dream-life Accelerators

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Vibrant Unions

Transform your relationships. Expand your life. Leave a legacy.

During this 90-minute interactive masterclass, we will:

Who is this for?

For all curious human beings desiring to turn their relationships into the most powerful self-development platform

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Vibrant Unions

Who are we?

Marian Duven & Jürgen Wiehn are a multi-talented power-couple and trauma-informed relationship transformation facilitators, who mix all their gifts into one practice to efficiently guide individuals into their hearts and into conquering their limiting subconscious patterns so they can manifest a more authentic and vibrant relationship with themselves, others, and the world. They have manifested a beautiful life together by constantly studying, embodying & facilitating the latest and more complete self-development tools, including those for the mind, body, and spirit. Their goal is to provide the most grounding practices so that individuals & couples can become powerful & resilient creators.


After 14 years of marriage, Michael and I hit the usual bumps in the road, questioning whether or not our marriage was still the best vessel for our personal growth and satisfaction. We were amicably discussing divorce and co-parenting possibilities when we met Marian and Jürgen at a Cacao ceremony in Bali. We felt immediately that they could help us reclaim the vibrant, juicy, & expansive marriage we desired, but couldn't get back to. Within a week of working with them, we had renewed our commitment to one another and within a month, we were more in love than ever before! Our marriage feels more free and fulfilling than we dreamed possible. Whether your marriage is on the rocks or you simply need a 'tune-up', we highly recommend Marian and Jürgen to help you awaken the vibrant union you deserve!"
Caitlin & Micheal Doemner
The Vision Workshop fulfills all of its promises. We were guided by the lovely couple Marian & Jürgen. They take you on a journey through beautiful breathwork and suggested imagery to envision your future self. We are now able to work daily on manifesting with our newly learned skills. My husband and I enrolled as a couple, we have been married for 41 years. The workshop helped to bring clarity and direction to our lives.
Kim & David Sallee
USA / Indonesia